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Working in academia & research centric international institutions, we are aware of the challenges & limitations of network and system security, from the very basics of system operations to novel concepts and approaches that ensure that our solutions fit your individual situation.
In a nutshell:
We know what knobs to turn - and which of them are to be left untouched - and never leave you with guesswork.


Security Consulting & Training

Security is not an appliance - it is a process. As your partners, we identify your individual needs, and guide you through the necessary steps to protect your infrastructure.


Penetration Testing

Simple and effective: Let US find vulnerabilities in your (web-) application or infrastructure before an adversary does.


Security Solutions

Sometimes you need more than a concept - you need an actual implementation. We provide you with rock solid state of the art security solutions to protect your assets!


Cup of Coffee

The best way of getting to know us, is to schedule an informal meeting. And if you're the one visiting:
The coffee's on us!

Daniel Haslinger

Daniel is head of the network laboratories and cyber defense center at UAS St. Pölten. When he's not reading questionable science books to his kids, he teaches students about network protocols, hardening and security testing. His (rare) spare time goes into actual privacy enhancing technologies (PET), deploying an open WISP in Lower Austria and actual rocket science.

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Raphael Schrittwieser

In the domain of ripping web applications to pieces before the bad guys do, Raphael is the weapon of choice. Next to working in research and teaching at UAS St. Pölten, he is maintaining their Laboratories and spends his spare time deploying an open WISP in Lower Austria.

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Thomas Leitner

Thomas is an IT & InfoSec professional and specialist in the field of communication and conferencing technologies. He runs our office in the state of Upper Austria and is deeply tied to Cisco, Mikrotik and Ubiquiti.


Christoph Lang-Muhr

Christoph is Assistant Professor and Deputy Academic Director Information Security at UAS St. Pölten, Austria. He has a strong background in telecommunications, networking technologies and electrical engineering, as well as a strong fascination for software defined networking (SDN) and industrial control systems (OT/ICS).

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